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Presidents Message & Blog
I am immensely proud to have been elected President of Norwich Rugby Football Club as it enters its 134th season. For those of you who do not have a clue who I am, I fully intend to spend as much time as possible during the season meeting as many of ... More
Chairmans Message

Welcome all to Beeston Hyrne for what we hope will be another exciting season for the Club.

Our coaching team and the players have been working hard pre-season and our aspiration is to build and progress on last year’s success on the ... More

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As we are in Tier 4, the Government/RFU rules do not allow for adult rugby or training. The picture is different for Under 18's however with training being allowed.


That being said, Director of Minis, Giles Whiley, conveys the club's current position.

"Following a meeting of the majority of the committee this evening it has been decided to postpone a return to all forms of rugby under the current pandemic and rapidly rising infection rates.

As a club we take the safety of all our members and volunteers seriously and have decided that cancellation of rugby across the whole club with immediate effect is the only responsible option.

This decision will be reviewed weekly and any further updates will be communicated to all members via the various forms of social media.

The committee wishes all members a Happy New Year and hope to see you all very soon.

Please stay safe.





There’s no getting away from it, when we reflect on the past year our thoughts are dominated by Covid-19 and the hugely negative impact it has had on all our lives. My sincerest hope is that every one of our Members, and their loved ones, have managed to stay healthy throughout the pandemic and that you are all managing to get through the various restrictions without experiencing too much distress.
Thankfully, with the vaccine now a reality, it seems that it’s only a matter of time before we are able to get back to living a normal life. For us, as rugby fans, it means being able resume playing and/or supporting the game we love and at the time of writing, its pleasing that the RFU has given us the green light to resume a restricted form of rugby and that Eastern Counties is working to put a list of local fixtures together, which will at least give us something to look forward to in 2021. Realistically though, our Club is unlikely to be in a position to resume properly until Autumn next year, which will be the start of the 21/22 season and we must hope that the resumption will include unrestricted use of our facilities, including the bar and kitchen, which are hugely important sources of revenue generation.
2021 will represent our 137th year and although there’s no denying that we’ve experienced a few bumps along the way, not least two World Wars and Covid-19, when we look at where we are now we should all be very proud of the achievements that have made this Club the very special place that it is. Over many generations our Members have given up their time to sit on Club committees that ensure everything runs smoothly and without whom we would not be able to function. This year has been no different and our Management Committee has worked incredibly hard throughout all the Covid-19 difficulties, as well as the increasingly complex rules and regulations that we are obliged to comply with, to ensure that we keep the Club going. On behalf of the Membership I extend our thanks to each and every one of you, and I look forward to properly reconvening in person (rather than virtually!) once we’re allowed to do so.
I would also like to extend a massive thank you to all our wonderful sponsors. Despite the absence of rugby this year, our sponsors have responded brilliantly and we are indebted to them for their continued generosity, without which we would undoubtedly be facing tough challenges financially. To all our sponsors, we genuinely look forward to the day when we can welcome you and your guests back to the Club for one of our legendary pre-match lunches plus, of course, a pint or two.  
We’re getting close to putting 2020 behind us and although the Covid-19 pandemic was a horrible experience for many, its always good to look towards the future for some positivity.
  • On the playing side, I’m pleased to say that we’re not in bad shape. Despite the problems involved with running training activities, we’ve managed to keep players involved through most groups, from Minis to Seniors.
  • We’ve used the opportunity to tidy up elements of the facilities, inside and out, including fixing the leaky roof!
  • We have invested in some portable floodlights for training, which really make a difference given the numbers we have turning up.
  • On the administrative side of things, we have submitted our application to convert the status of the Club to a Registered Charity, which will be hugely beneficial in the years to come.
  • Despite the cessation of our proposed relocation initiative with the UEA, the Relocation Committee has been very proactive in seeking other options and we’re hopeful that 2021 will bring some very positive news.
Finally, may I take this opportunity to thank everybody involved with this great club for their continued support. I must admit that when I agreed to take on the role of President for the second successive season, I never dreamt that our 1st XV would have a second undefeated league season! (OK, I know, that’s stretching it a bit .....!) 
I wish our Members a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy and (above all) Healthy 2021.
Kind regards to all,
Mike Srokowski


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