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Question Answer
Who are the Minis? Correctly termed Minis & Midis, you will find virtually all clubs refer to them by the single term "Minis" as the full title is a bit of a mouthful. The Minis cover Under 7's to Under 12's, with the youth section taking players up to the full adult game. Mini rugby is a fantastic way of gradually introducing children to the great game in a carefully structured format commensurate with their physical development and burgeoning skill levels.
Can girls play? Absolutely! Girls are not at any real disadvantage at Mini rugby where speed and agility are more important than strength and physical size. We have several girls in the section already and are always keen to encourage more to come and join us. Things only change when they get to youth (U13) where alternatives such as the Norfolk Nomads can provide youth rugby. See the Contact Us page for the Norwich contact with Norfolk Nomads but you have many years of fun in the minis before having to concern yourselves with that option.
How does the structured format work? The rules have changed for the 2012/13 season with the emphasis on skills. Please check the link to the RFU website from the Minis home page for more information or speak to your coach.
What is available for very young children? For those that want to play but cannot because the RFU regulations don't allow competitive games before they are 6, we created a group called the "Lion Cubs". They will be involved in rugby related games and simple skills training to prepare them for the Under 7's and to keep them interested. If, in any season, the numbers justify it we will try and combine the training with similar groups at other clubs whilst the rest of the Minis play their matches. Please bring your children along to give it a go, there is no charge for this age group but parents must be prepared to help out. Check the dates for our home fixtures or coaching sessions elsewhere on the site. We look forward to seeing you.
Are they likely to get hurt? Any responsible parent is bound to ask this question. There can never be any guarantees in sport as in life generally, but the risks are small and the rewards and benefits huge. Children can be hurt in games not normally associated with injury and risk. The new rules are designed to remove the contact element until later in a players development and concentrate on catching, passing and running skills rather than contact, until they are older and more physically robust.
What are the benefits of playing rugby? In addition to keeping children fit, rugby creates a strong bond of friendship and mutual respect not just for team mates, but for opposition players and the rules of the game. The life skills children learn through rugby are invaluable. Referees do not always get it right, but in rugby their decisions are accepted without complaint (or heavily punished if they are not accepted by loss of vital territory) Many of the friends that the children make during their rugby career will be with them for life. Unlike some sports, we do not disappear as soon as the final whistle blows, we adjourn to the clubhouse to socialise and chat about the morning's events. Come and see for yourself.
How much is all this going to cost me? Very little. A £3 gum shield is vital and football boots are fine although the studs need to be smooth and free from burrs and fraying. if your child decides to stay, club kit is available in the shop or if you are lucky you may find someone selling kit that their child has grown out of. Compared to most sports it is inexpensive. Membership details can be found elsewhere on the site. There are no match fees, everything is rolled into one very reasonable membership fee for a 35 week season and includes post match hot dogs, end of season trophies etc. You are welcome to come along for a few weeks to see whether you child is likely to take to the game before joining.
Is there anything else I need? It is most important that your child is properly equipped with suitable warm clothing (not necessarily rugby specific) a nylon top is a good idea for training days and plenty of fluids, although the coaches have water bottles with them. It is worth pointing out that children not suitably equipped for cold weather will not be allowed onto the field to train or play. The children's well being is the most important thing for us and we make no apology for keeping them inside if they are going to suffer through being ill-equipped in wet and (more particularly) cold weather.
What if I have any further questions? There are up to date contact details on the website for all of the minis year groups and the safeguarding officer. Please call them if we have not answered your questions here. We look forward to welcoming you at Norwich Rugby Club.
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