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Presidents Message & Blog
To our members, guests, officials, sponsors and players, I would like to welcome you all to a new season at Beeston Hyrne. We hope you enjoy your time with us.

As a member of Norwich Rugby Football Club for many years - I played for a few ... More
Chairmans Message

Latest Chairman's message

The end of the season is now upon us and our thoughts are focussed on taking the club forward in to next season both on and off the field. Our AGM is being held on the Thursday 25th May 2017. Please come along to ... More

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Great End to the Season for the Minis

The Minis rounded off their season with some fun rugby, a BBQ, presentations and a water fight.

Many thanks are due to the coaches, managers and all helpers for making the season such a fun one for the children. Thanks also to Lisa Snary who not only runs the section but also the hugely successful Mini Festival.

Have a great summer, see you all in September, bring your friends along to share in this great game.

Minis BBQ-21.jpg

 Minis BBQ-17.jpg

 Minis BBQ-18.jpg

 Minis BBQ-19.jpg

 Minis BBQ-20.jpg

 Minis BBQ-22.jpg

 Minis BBQ-23.jpg

 Minis BBQ-24.jpg

 Minis BBQ-25.jpg

Minis BBQ-1.jpg

 Minis BBQ-2.jpg

 Minis BBQ-3.jpg

 Minis BBQ-4.jpg

 Minis BBQ-5.jpg

 Minis BBQ-6.jpg

 Minis BBQ-7.jpg

 Minis BBQ-8.jpg

 Minis BBQ-9.jpg

 Minis BBQ-11.jpg

 Minis BBQ-12.jpg

 Minis BBQ-13.jpg

 Minis BBQ-14.jpg

 Minis BBQ-15.jpg



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