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Presidents Message & Blog
I am immensely proud to have been elected President of Norwich Rugby Football Club as it enters its 134th season. For those of you who do not have a clue who I am, I fully intend to spend as much time as possible during the season meeting as many of ... More
Chairmans Message

Welcome all to Beeston Hyrne for what we hope will be another exciting season for the Club.

Our coaching team and the players have been working hard pre-season and our aspiration is to build and progress on last year’s success on the ... More

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Latest from the Vets 24.01.20

Vets news

We’re meeting every Thursday at 6.00pm at the club to show you’re never too old to play. Many have told me they’re ’past it’ or ’they couldn’t take a tackle’ or ’the mind is willing but the body is shot!’ Let me put your mind at rest!

In the sessions we spend 1/2 hour on general warming up and stretching exercises, and then we have a game of touch rugby. After warming down, there’s still time for a swift orange juice in the bar.

This is a great way to maintain fitness and a enjoy good social time. Oh yes, the other excuse for not joining is that 6.00pm is too early. Well, just turn up when you can. What we learnt in the last session: Dan can’t do 2 exercises at the same time, Kev Feek is like Dick Dastardly and Simon turns up late to avoid the warm up exercises although he claims to have cycled to the club!

See you next week?

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