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Presidents Message & Blog

We are a proud amateur club with a 132 year history. We continue to thrive thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, our members’ participation in fundraising activities and social events, and the work of the many volunteers who undertake nu ... More

Chairmans Message

I am delighted to continue as Chairman for this coming year and look forward to working again with such a positive and supportive Committee which this year includes some new faces. It is good to see more of our members stepping up to do more for t ... More

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Match Report

Minis reports from Swaffham


Minis reports from Swaffham

Under 11 Report

With an 17 man (and woman!) turn out we were hosted by the black and golds who fielded similar numbers. Playing on one pitch and rotating players over 3 games (or was it 4!?) both teams put on a great show.

All in all the teams were equally matched with some big hits in the contact area. Barney took 2 enormous tackles and bounced back immediately to challenge for more ball whilst Joe (the tank) Tibbenham was able to stop Swaffhams man mountain, Elliott!! Not an easy task but Joe put in a crunching tackle......awesome!

In a great exchange the coaches all agreed that there was some fantastic rugby on show. Norwich played as a unit, thought on their feet and committed to phases of attacking rugby. The ball was shipped from left to right and there was 100% commitment at the ruck. Tackling improved throughout the morning with Kenzo making his presence felt on a number of occasions.

Charlie found a spring in his step and on 2 occasions carved a hole through the middle and was caught just meters before the line.....but off loaded the ball beautifully.

William ran straight (and fast) whilst Conrad has started to unleash his pace both in attack and defence. Jack Childs is also one to watch. In the opening game Jack chased everything and has developed a lethal side step which almost resulted in a try in game 1.

Newcomer Tom was my unofficial man of the match with an exquisite box kick from the Norwich try box......a huge looping kick to relieve pressure and get us back on the front foot. Jude is growing in confidence week on week and has quickly realised that 'legs, legs, legs' is the way forward. Superb tackling display young man!

Sam T and Ted owned the scrum half spot with each delivering some much needed composure to the position. Nice work chaps. Callum delivered some blistering runs and with ball in hand is proving quite a handful. Tiernan and Juneau were strong and showed endless commitment at the break down with T proving he has in fact got some great pace to add to his armoury.

Daniel White was on his game. Dropping towards the touch line I think we could well have a budding winger or even an elusive centre in our midst.

Henry never ceases to amaze. What he might perhaps lack in mass he more than makes up for in old fashioned strength, tenacity and determination. Never underestimate the impact Henry can make with a surging run and a text book off load.

Ava “The Gazelle” is our legs, she fights for every ball and once it’s in her capable hands, step back and watch her go. This young woman is an inspiration each and every game, keep up lads .... if you can.

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