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We are a proud amateur club with a 133 year history. We continue to thrive thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, our members’ participation in fundraising activities and social events, and the work of the many volunteers who undertake nu ... More

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Welcome all to Beeston Hyrne for what we hope will be another exciting season for the Club. Our new coaching team and the players have been working hard pre-season and our aspiration is to build and progress on last year’s success on the fie ... More

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Match Report

Norwich 50 West Norfolk 10


Norwich 50 West Norfolk 10

With a later than normal kick off of 11.30, all arrived fresh and fancy at sunny West Norfolk for 11am to have a good warm up and get the boy's rugby heads switched on. However, the extra lie in had not seemed to help as a few dropped balls and slow legs spotted during warm up had coaches and parents a little concerned!

WN v U13 1.jpg

However, being 5th November, the boys did not disappoint and from the first whistle, the boys came out like fireworks.

Alex opened the try scoring with a great strong run through to score in the corner. After a quick restart, the boys looked dominant and had the ball straight out to Joe for a run to offload to Tom for the 2nd try in the same corner. Their were silent sighs of relief from the sidelines, that the boys were in no way still a bit sleepy!

WN v U13 2.jpg

The first scrum of the day Norwich won, with the obvious weight advantage showing, shipped out to Tom who made a great pass to Theo who ran over to score. Great to see support to the ball carrier from the hungry pack!

After the restart, and a knock on from West Norfolk, another scrum was won by Norwich and again the ball was quickly down the line to end up with Olly to score with a strong dash despite strong defence from West Norfolk.

WN v U13 3.jpg
Great to see Norwich using the full width of the pitch this early on in the game, looking like a team who really understand what they need to do on the pitch, putting into practice all those drills from training.

West Norfolk were strong and showed no signs of weakening, and came straight back with good use of their line. However, with strong defence and great tackles from Connor, Alex, Seb and Alfie we regained possession from the ruck the ball and straight out to Reuben for a lightning run down the line to score.

From the restart West come back at Norwich and have 5 minutes in our 22, but Norwich defended superbly and managed to keep West from scoring. Norwich broke and again with great support play from Newton, Seb and Arthur the ball is popped to Nathan, now deep in West's half and although Nathan had 3 determined West boys hanging on his shoulder, used his strength to drive over the line to score.

WN v U13 5.jpg

West, hungry for the try came from the kick, won the ball in a heavily contested ruck and with the ball straight out, found a gap in Norwich's defence to run through and score. Game On!

West Norfolk came again and Norwich defend superbly deep in their own half, supporters on the sidelines thinking West looked like another try was imminent. A great maul, all wondering if the ball was going reappear, then a Norwich shirt appeared and they were off, lovely passes down the line, ending up with Joe and Tom working well together with an inside pass and Joe taking it over.

WN v U13 4.jpg

With 5 minutes to half time, West showed strong play and again spending a sustained period in front of the Norwich posts, but Newton was again, brilliant with his understanding of the ruck and stole the ball which ended up with Theo to have great run, and over into the corner again, to score. The whistle for half time blew and the boys had a well earned drink

The second half, West came out strong and the game had a different feel to it with a few position changes being made to Norwich, but with the continued use of the full width of the pitch, the great tackles, especially from Connor and Alex, the game was closely fought and played in great spirit by all.

WN v U13 6.jpg

Olly had a great run, a good side step and scored. Tom and Olly using the kicks well, a couple finding touch and all being chased down superbly. Reuben in particular, chased one kick down and making a great tackle to end up with Norwich winning the scrum. Norwich won the scrum and Connor ran 20 metres under pressure from West, made a great pass out to Joe to score. Great support and teamwork from all still testing West.

WN v U13 7.jpg

From the restart, Norwich were straight back into their 22, but losing the ball from the ruck West's player made a break and managed to avert 3 attempted tackles from Norwich and after a full length of the pitch run, went over to score.

Further tries were seen in the second half from Joe, created by an amazing over and behind the head offload from Nathan, another from Nathan after a brilliant steal in the ruck from Newton. A strong run again from Connor for a pass to Tom on the wing, but finding heavy traffic showed great awareness to ship back in to Alfie to score. Theo and Ewan then duplicated the move, on the other side with Theo offloading to Ewan and then back to Theo to score. Poetry in motion!

WN v U13 8.jpg
Alfie with another try following a still strong Norwich scrum. Seb "Tank", then powers through to score under the post, despite 5 West players trying to stop him, a force to be reckoned with! During the final minutes, a great Tom and Connor duo show great skills with Connor finishing off, with a score.

A great performance, from every player on the field, showing some lovely flowing rugby, great support from the forwards and most impressively, all the boys showing understanding of the game and supporting every player around them. Well played and absolute respect to West Norfolk who gave strong opposition and played in great spirits.

An excellent win, maintaing their unbeaten run, however a big challenge next weekend at the festival, so training on Wednesday and early nights next Saturday-well played all.


Forward of the Match award - Connor

Back of the Match award - Alfie

Man of the Match - Newton

Play of the Game - Joe E  & Tom

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