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We are a proud amateur club with a 132 year history. We continue to thrive thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, our members’ participation in fundraising activities and social events, and the work of the many volunteers who undertake nu ... More

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I am delighted to continue as Chairman for this coming year and look forward to working again with such a positive and supportive Committee which this year includes some new faces. It is good to see more of our members stepping up to do more for t ... More

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Match Report

Minins reports from Wymondham 3/12/17


Minins reports from Wymondham 3/12/17

Under 11 Report

Mud, mud, the occasional glimpse of a pitch and then more mud! What a fantastic morning of rugby at Wymondham. Both clubs were able to field 2 teams of 9 allowing for 2 games each before extending the pitch for a grand finale with roll on slide off subs!

The first encounter on pitch 1 was hard fought in every sense. Slippery conditions suggested a tight game with very little running but Norwich stepped up as a team and all that we have worked on over past weeks was evident. Secure the ball, protect the player on the floor, get a scrum half into the mix and ship the ball.

Now, usually at this stage we would tend to group but not on Sunday. In one moment of brilliance, Evie carried over the half way line and was supported by Jett and Henry who cleared out with clinical precision. The cavalry then arrived in the shape of Sam T who shipped the ball efficiently to his right where Tyrnan was waiting to take the ball at pace. Now within 10 metres of the try line, Tyrnan popped the ball again into the hands of Ava who slid (literally) into the corner.

On pitch 2 the battle raged as Norwich faced what at first glance appeared to be England U21's! Undeterred, Norwich battled hard with Ted, Callam and Kenzo all linking up only to be denied on the line by a dropped ball which in the circumstances was understandable. Joe T was a formidable force carrying with sheer determination whilst Joe S is still a tackling maestro!

The final game on a bigger pitch was choreographed beautifully by Justin who had subs buzzing in and out play to ensure all players got to experience the pace of full size (U11) pitch. The revised scale allowed Norwich to exploit a kicking game which was headed up by Daniel D who was also fantasic in the ruck and never once lost the ball in contact. Willam was characteristically rapid and caused Wymondham a headache whenever he had the ball whilst Ewan avoided injury this week and had some electric moments of pace and composure - he's one to watch! Jack was lightning quick on his feet working well in partnership with fast thinking Jude who is cunning and skilled with the ball. Tom, our player of the month for October, always keen and focused kept the opposition on their toes. Our new man Jake continues to grow in confidence even when faced with the super slippery conditions on offer at Wymondham.

All in all, a great morning of mud and mayhem.


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