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We are a proud amateur club with a 133 year history. We continue to thrive thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, our members’ participation in fundraising activities and social events, and the work of the many volunteers who undertake nu ... More

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Welcome all to Beeston Hyrne for what we hope will be another exciting season for the Club. Our new coaching team and the players have been working hard pre-season and our aspiration is to build and progress on last year’s success on the fie ... More

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Match Report

Norwich 43 West Norfolk 26 (County Cup)


Norwich 43 West Norfolk 26 (County Cup)

Today marked our boys second foray into the world of competitive rugby in the form of the County Cup; we warmly welcomed our opponents, West Norfolk U14’s to Beeston Hyrne for what would turn out to be a nail-biting contest between two equally competitive sides on the day.

U14 vs West 16-12-18 1.jpg 
The horrible cold winds and overcast skies, which befell Beeston Hyrne yesterday, had gone and we were treated to blue skies and little wind which I’m sure everyone, players, coaches and spectators alike were mightily glad of.
So to the game, after warm up drills both sides took up their respective positions on the pitch and with the refs whistle the mornings rugby commenced.

U14 vs West 16-12-18 2.jpg

What we witnessed over the next 25 minutes of the first half was at times frustrating and at times brilliant; whilst West Norfolk pressed and looked to put Norwich under pressure, Norwich persisted in making ball handling errors and it was difficult to see what our boys could do to prevent West Norfolk from totally dominating the game.

However that said the opening try of the morning came from a well-worked scrum with Tom feeding the ball out to Alvin who in his own imitable way ran down the wing to ground the ball over the line giving Norwich a 5-0 lead.
West Norfolk were quick to take advantage of a Norwich side, which were not firing on all cylinders and came back with a try.

U14 vs West 16-12-18 3.jpg

Another try by Alvin and a further try and conversion by West Norfolk took us into halftime 10-12 down and brought to a close a difficult first half for Norwich who never really looked as if they had woken up this morning.
From the off there was a glimmer of hope and it looked like our boys had indeed taken on board the advice from the coaches halftime chat, however West Norfolk pressed home the advantage they had taken from the first half and scored a try which was converted.

In fairness to our boys whilst they at times looked tired at no time did they look like their heads had dropped and they finally started to play the rugby which we have witnessed at previous games and knew they were capable of.
Although the game remained hotly contested Norwich started to command the scrum and to move the ball more effectively with fewer ball-handling errors this half.

U14 vs West 16-12-18 4.jpg

Another ball fed to Alvin by Tom allowed Alvin to score his third try of the morning placing the ball between the sticks, allowing Tom to convert the try.
From this moment on Norwich took the game to West Norfolk who although continued to work hard were slowly being over whelmed by our boys.

A great catch and run forward by Conor from the restart enabled Norwich to secure a game line advantage with the ball ending up in the hands of Harvey on the wing who with a lovely individual run, cutting back into the centre and powering through the West Norfolk defence took the ball over the try line; again the try was converted by Tom.
 U14 vs West 16-12-18 5.jpg

Whilst it still felt like the game could go either way, there was a sense amongst the Norwich supporters that their boys could recover and win the game.
Another brilliant catch from a restart by Conor and his individual surge forward allowed the ball to be passed to Tom who was able to kick a cross kick; Alvin chased the ball down and scooped the ball up from the ground before running it over the goal line for his fourth try of the morning. Tom once again converted his kick giving Norwich valuable extra points.
Things were now looking up for Norwich, but West Norfolk kept up the intensity and forced Norwich to commit infringements which gave them a free kick just outside Norwich’s 22 metre line, West Norfolk looking to their stronger players, surged forward with the ball and managed to find a way through the Norwich defence once again scoring a try which was ably converted by the West Norfolk kicker.
 U14 vs West 16-12-18 6.jpg

Our boys were clearly disappointed by the manner in which this try was scored and were determined to put the game to bed. With much improved ball handling in the second half, they were able to get the ball out to Brenner on the wing who for the first time was able to show his speed and ran the ball home for a well deserved try which was again converted by Tom.
Norwich continued to put West Norfolk under pressure, and with only a short amount of time left Norwich were able to secure a lineout on West Norfolk’s 5 metre line; employing one of their pre planned plays Alex was able to capture the ball and drive down the inside line grounding the ball over West Norfolk’s goal line for the final try of the day.
 U14 vs West 16-12-18 7.jpg

With the referees final whistle the scores read Norwich 43 – 26 West Norfolk; the score would suggest that our boys had it easy however it was far from the truth and they had to up their game and work hard to secure a win from a West Norfolk side who clearly came to us today to win.
I think there is a lot to take from today’s game, it wasn’t pretty but our boys managed to ground out the win, which in itself shows great determination and tenacity.
Our man of the match goes to Conor, who when it was needed made a difference, well-done Conor keep it up.
All it now leaves me to say is enjoy your rest boys and come back refreshed and eager to continue the good work you have achieved over the first half of the season
Merry Christmas one and all.

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