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We are a proud amateur club with a 132 year history. We continue to thrive thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, our members’ participation in fundraising activities and social events, and the work of the many volunteers who undertake nu ... More

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I am delighted to continue as Chairman for this coming year and look forward to working again with such a positive and supportive Committee which this year includes some new faces. It is good to see more of our members stepping up to do more for t ... More

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Minis Reports 9th April


Minis Reports 9th April


 We travelled to Wymondham where we were met by our hosts, blue skies and temperatures in the early 20’s; which we hoped boded well for the day’s rugby.
Wymondham had arranged for a couple of touring sides to attend as well, Ampthill RFC and Stamford RFC, which would provide a full morning’s rugby for all concerned.

Whilst it was lovely to have such glorious weather, it had made the playing surface particularly dry and hard in places and consideration was given to play touch rugby only, however it was decided to allow the boys to play full contact and it would be further assessed as the morning progressed; a decision embraced by all the boys and the coaches

The format for the morning’s games was going to be a straight 15 minutes with rolling subs.
Having warmed up and worked through a few training drills the boys took to the field for their first game against Wymondham.
This is always a tough and competive fixture and today’s game was no different. Both teams played with enthusiasm and determination, however Norwich was the stronger both in defence and attack. Spirited use of the ball allowed Alvin to score a hat trick, and with tries from Tom, Oliver and Alfie Norwich were able to dominate the game.

The score belies the effort put in by both teams and it certainly was not as easy as the score would suggest, with Wymondham working hard to deter a very determined Norwich side.
A good start to the day for Norwich, however Norwich was soon to be tested both physically and mentally.
After a short break Norwich came up against the first of the two touring sides, Stamford RFC.

This turned out to be a very different game completely with Stamford using the exact same tactics that Norwich had done against Wymondham. Unfortunately although Norwich worked hard to compete for the ball they were not able to hold back a very good Stamford side; who were able to put the game out of Norwich’s reach with some very good tries.

Stamford was on the day the more hungry of the two sides and was able to press this advantage home, a very hard game for Norwich, which on reflection will only go to strengthen the boy’s determination in the future.
Our final game of the day was against Ampthill, the other touring side. Whilst Ampthill did not challenge Norwich in the same manner that Stamford had, they were able to make the most of their strengths.
Both teams played some excellent rugby and its fair to say gave their respective supporters a lot to cheer about. However Norwich were not quite able to match the intensity of their opposition's play in all areas, which ultimately culminated in a win for the touring side.

Today was a tough day for our boys, they had come up against some very good opposition and at times were found wanting, however I think we would all agree that we have the foundation for a great team which will only get better over time.
Well done boys, a very tough mornings rugby.

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