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Presidents Message & Blog
I am immensely proud to have been elected President of Norwich Rugby Football Club as it enters its 134th season. For those of you who do not have a clue who I am, I fully intend to spend as much time as possible during the season meeting as many of ... More
Chairmans Message

Welcome all to Beeston Hyrne for what we hope will be another exciting season for the Club.

Our coaching team and the players have been working hard pre-season and our aspiration is to build and progress on last year’s success on the ... More

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Schools Project

Welcome to the Schools Liaison Page

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Latest News:

May 2021

Now that we can resume our school work, we already have projects in 4 primary schools this academic year and planning fixtures for the High Schools next term. If you’re interested in a partnership with your school, drop me an e mail and I’ll get in touch with you



Sprowston High School
Andy Ball and I have been at the school for 3 sessions to develop the sport for beginners and experienced players in all school years!



We have had a wonderful group of pupils turn up and a great time had by all. The school support was brilliant with teachers James (sporting a Spurs shirt) providing the school link and Jo, who bravely stayed with us and joined in with the drills!


I have to say the attitude, behaviour and enthusiasm of the pupils was excellent and a credit to the school and themselves. We hope to be returning for more sessions later in the year to develop the school link further. After half term we are working with Falcon Rd Primary and it is hoped that some year 10 pupils from Sprowston High will join us to work on their Leadership Programme.



The New Year brings a lot of activity in the schools. The following is what has been organised so far with more to come!

1. High schools will be at the club with their teachers. If any coaches can make it, the is a good place to recruit!    
    Thurs 16 Jan yr 9
    Mon 10 Jan yr 10
    Wed 12 Feb yr 11
    Thurs 27 Feb yr 10
    Wed 4 March Yr 11
    Wed 18 March yr 7
    Thurs 19 March Yr 9
    Thurs 26 March Yr 8

2. Primary schools
Falcon Rd after school club. We will do Y5/6 rugby club on a Monday after school and then Y3/4 on a Tuesday after school (both sessions to be 3:15 - 4:15). Sessions will be on  Tuesday of the w/b 24 Feb, 2 March, 9 March, 16 March, 23 March, 30 March. Thanks to Andy Ball and Rob Savage for their support

Bignold Primary school: Tues 2 June Rugby day (assembly and sessions). Detail yet to be organised

West Norfolk and Dereham Schools Sports Partnership (WNSSP). A Key Stage 1 tag festival at the club on 10th March. Another opportunity for coaches to recruit! Here are some photos from the festival we held in March:


tag rugby 2019_1.jpeg  tag rugby 2019 1.jpeg


Salhouse Beavers and Cubs

Andy Ball and I spent time with the children of Salhouse for an evening of rugby fun. All the Beavers and Cubs were enthusiastic and worked really hard to do well. The evening was great fun and thanks to the scouting volunteers for inviting us to take over one of their sessions!



Sewell Park Academy

We have spent all term working with a group of boys on Mondays, after school, to develop rugby at the school. We had a core of keen, dedicated pupils who developed their rugby skills and enjoyed their time with the Club Coaches. Simon Rawlings came for a couple of sessions and a big thanks to Andy Ball who attended every session! We were able to recruit from the group and build our Youth team squad at the Club.


High School Rugby at the Club

Did you know that each week the High Schools in the area come to the club at 4.00pm for inter-school matches? If you’re a Coach this is an ideal time to recruit! Future sessions planned are:

16 Jan Year 9
10 Feb Year 10
12 Feb Year 11
27 Feb Year 10
4 March Year 11
18 March Year 7
19 March Year 9
26 March Year 8

The sessions are really busy. The last sessions for year 7 saw seven schools attend!



Primary School Tag Festival

We hosted the West Norwich and Dereham Schools Partnership tag festival last week.

tag rugby 2019  2.jpeg  tag rugby 2019.jpeg

Many coach-loads of primary pupils attended and both the organisers and the coach drivers were impressed with the day which was a great success. However, it could not have happened at all if it were not for Andy Pott who generously gave of his time to open up the club for the festival and remained there for the duration helping the organisers and direct the event.

Thanks Andy for your brilliant support for the event!


Hemblington Primary School Rugby Day

Andy Ball and I spent a great day at the school. First off was a school assembly, then a rugby session for every year in the school, which even included a reception class of 4 year olds! The school sent us an email with some of the pupil comments:


Year 2

"I liked the changing direction activity."
"I loved it."
"I liked passing the ball to each other."
"It was amazing."


Year 4

 "I liked playing the mini match."
"It was outstanding."
"I liked playing in the mini match and the warm up activity. "
"It was fun."
"I liked the game where we had to roll around; we got wet too."
"It was really, really good."
"I enjoyed all of it!"


Year 6

 "My favourite part was the game where animals were called out."
"I liked the activity where we were passing in a line backwards and forwards."
"It got quick, but really confusing."
"It was really interactive."
"They were great at communicating with us."
"I liked that it wasn't always the best group that got picked to demonstrate."
"It was inspiring."


A parent commented to say it was the first thing both her children told her when she collected them. They both raved about it!Some photos are included of a great day



Mile Cross Primary School 20 June 2019

A great day at the school. First of all a full school assembly telling the pupils about the sport and Norwich Rugby Club; getting one of the pupils to put on a club shirt to model it was a highlight!

We then had a whole day of rugby with each class having half hour or three quarters of an hour session to see what sort of things we did at the club and learn some basics of the sport. I have to say that every class worked really hard and we had some good laughs too!

I’ll be in contact next term to see if we can have some of the pupils join us at the club to develop their involvement in the sport. Thanks to all the staff for their support and warm welcome.



The Hewett Academy

I spent the afternoon taking assembly for years 7, 8 and 9. The pupils listened really well and many saw me afterwards keen to give the sport a try. Thanks to the PE teacher Danny Self who was so helpful in organising that for us. I’m back next term to organise some sessions with both boys and girls and then bring them, all to the club to train.

Hewitt School.jpeg 


Sprowston Community Academy

I spent the last couple of weeks at Sprowston Community Academy to present them with a set of rugby balls from the club. This was our way of saying ‘Thank You’ to the school for their support for the club and the way their pupils contribute to our teams. I had a lot of pupils asking questions about our club afterwards with many saying they would like to give it a try next season. I’ll be going back in September to reinforce the idea of joining us and have the chance to enjoying the sport.

IMG_3877 2.jpeg

Year 10


Year 9


Year 7 & 8



Woodland View Primary School Rugby Morning

I spent all morning with all the year 5 pupils, a class of year 4 pupils and a class of mixed year 4 and 5 pupils. We spent our time in three 1 hour sessions learning basic rugby skills, trying out tag and having lots of fun in then process. The pupils listened well and tried really hard to do their best. Many of them showed they may well have the ability to take the sport further. They know the season is coming to an end but many were interested in the club sessions next season. So that they have every opportunity to join us we’ll take some fliers to the school in September to remind them when they can come and try more rugby! We hope to see them soon.

IMG_3737 2.jpeg  IMG_3739 2.jpeg

 IMG_3735 2.jpeg IMG_3740 2.jpeg


Hellesdon High School Presentation

I spent this week speaking at the yr 7 and yr 9 school assemblies at Hellesdon High School. The pupils have been attending training and playing for the club. As a ’thank you’ and to show our appreciation to the school, I presented a set of new rugby balls for the school to use and promote the sport. PE teacher Stephen Gray said, "Our pupils have always participated in rugby positively within school and it’s been fantastic to see so many participate outside of school. Norwich Rugby club create a welcoming and inclusive environment for young people to enjoy.”

Student representatives below seen receiving a bag of rugby balls for the school.




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